Ethyl acetate (ET) gold bronze paste

Special solvent pastes designed for use with specific formulations are available for use in gravure, flexo and screen printing inks. Selection is based on the printing process and drying speed requirements, as well as on the substrate limitations.

Ethyl acetate (ET) gold bronze paste

Gravure printing inks Gravure printing inks

Product NameD 50 value [µm]Solid content [%]SolventApplication
ET/41179,588EthylacetateGravure printing inks
ET/4120888EthylacetateGravure printing inks
ET/4160588EthylacetateGravure printing inks
ET/4220988EthylacetateGravure printing inks
ET/4320988EthylacetateGravure printing inks
ET/4330888EthylacetateGravure printing inks
ET/4350688EthylacetateGravure printing inks

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