UTM for Printings

SCHLENK’s new aluminium pigment technology, initially launched as Alustar® UTM for coating applications, is now also available supplied in a delivery form suitable for solvent borne printing inks.

UTM for Printings

Gravure printing inks Gravure printing inks
Screen printing Screen printing
Flexographic printing inks Flexographic printing inks

Product NameD 50 value [µm]Solid content [%]SolventApplication
ET/10600/30 UTM12approx. 30EthylacetateGravure printing inks
ET/10400/30 UTM18approx. 30EthylacetateGravure printing inks
MMB/10400/30 UTM18approx. 30methoxymethyl butanolScreen printing
Aquamet NPW/10600-01/55 UTM1255waterGravure printing inksFlexographic printing inksScreen printing
Grandal W 10600-01/75 UTM1275-Gravure printing inksFlexographic printing inksScreen printing

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