Metal Foils

SCHLENK Metal Foils specializes in the production of thinnest copper foils, copper alloys, nickel, nickel silver, resistance alloys, and fine silver. Possible applications of these non ferrous metal foils are multiplied by surface finishing, surface treatment, and the metallic compound of metal foils.

Reduced material input, flexible applicability and better handling: the metal foils of Schlenk meet the demand of many industries for reduced material input. They support the development of smaller, lighter and high-performing products and preserve the environment by saving resources.

The wide range of applications extends from photovoltaic solar modules, lithium-ion batteries, special batteries, heat exchangers, surface finishing, fuses, capacitors, transformers, electronics, medical technology, flexible printed circuit boards, all the way to special cables and flexible flat cables for state-of-the-art automobile technology.


Schlenk Metallfolien is highly specialized in cold rolling. Primarily, we produce very thin foils and strips from non-ferrous metals.



The surfaces of our foils and strips form the interfaces between our customers and their applications.


Foil and strip delivery options

Foils and strips by Schlenk Metallfolien are used in a wide variety of products and applications. In order to meet the various requirements, we use a wide variety of processing equipment and machinery.



Slitting, rolling, annealing and specialized treatments are among the processing steps in the production of our special foil products.


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Solar industry

For over 25 years SCHLENK has provided high precision connectors for the photovoltaic industry and is known internationally as a market and technology leader.


Materials industry

The field of powder metallurgy and the metallic materials it generates comprise a wide spectrum of metals and alloys as well as end uses and technologies.